Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy means treatment of the nervous system, specially the vegetative system.

All the parts of our body and our being are connected to each other, because our mind, organs and tissues are connected to the same nervous network.

The Vegetative Nervous System regulates the functions of organs and tissues, integrating them into that whole and maintaining them in the maximum possible balance. It constitutes a part of all the regulating circuits of the organism (humoral, hormonal, neural and cellular), since it interchanges mediators of information with all of them (neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, interleukins, neurohormones, cytokines). That is why we could say that all these interconnected systems of regulation are, in themselves, one system. It is most prevalent in the skin. Because of its multiple connections, fibers, and ganglia, it regulates and takes part in ALL the functions of the organism.

Any irritation to that nervous network (scars, infections, surgical procedures, emotional stress…) can alter the neuro-vegetative system and cause the appearance of diverse symptoms in any body part.

Neural Therapy aims to neutralize irritations of the nervous network by means of injections in different points according to the clinical history of each person. This neutralization is obtained by applying a local anaesthetic in low concentrations specifically to the parts where the vegetative nervous system has undergone an aggression or injury. Through the elimination of these blockades that alter the exchange of information and create irritating stimuli to the nervous network, the aim is to reactivate the mechanisms of regulation of the organism and therefore to obtain the improvement or disappearance of the symptoms.