What are cookies?

A cookie is a file which is downloaded in your computer when you access certain webpages. Cookies allow a webpage, among other things, to store and recover information on a user’s browsing habits and on his equipment and, depending on the information that they contain and the way in which the equipment is used, can be used to recognise the user.

What does this webpage use cookies for and which are they?

This webpage uses cookies for a series of purposes, including:

  • Analysis: these are cookies which, processed by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and so make statistical measurements and analyse the uses made by users of the service. To do this the user’s browsing on our webpage is analysed in order to improve the user’s experience.
  • Technical: These are needed for browsing and the good functioning of our webpage. They allow, for example, control of movements and the communication of data, access to sections with restricted access, the use of security elements, the storage of contents to be able to disseminate videos or share contents through social networks.

Details of the cookies used in this webpage are as follows:

Cookies Name Type Purpose More information
_ga _gid _gat_gtag_ UA_ID Google Analytics Third party Collecting information on how the users browse around the site in order to know the origin of their visits and other similar data of a statistical kind. No data are obtained on the names or surnames of users or the specific postal address from which they connect. Google privacy centre:
_icl_current_language Technical Own Used to show the content in the user´s browsing language On the webpage itself.
_icl_visitor_lang_js Technical Own Used to determine the user’s language by default and show the web in that language. On the webpage itself.
GPS PREF VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YSC Youtube Third party Used to integrate, visualise, share and reproduce videos. Google privacy centre:

N.B. “Own” type cookies are used by only the proprietor of this web and “Third party” cookies are used by the service provider mentioned in the above table.

Eliminating or blocking cookies

You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment through the settings of the browser installed in your computer.

You can see more information on your browser and cookies in the following links:
Internet Explorer:

Supplement on disabling for Google Analytics browsers

If you wish to reject the Google Analytics analytical cookies in all browsers, so that no information about you is sent to Google Analytics, you can download a supplement which will perform this function from the following link: